Twerton Tapestry

Proudly displayed at

Fringe Arts Bath

27 May – 11 June

Newark Works, 2 Foundary Lane, BA2 3DZ

Twerton Tapestry

This is the Twerton Tapestry which has been hand crafted by residents of Twerton. This is a collaborative record of personal history, lived in and around Twerton. Made over the winter of 2022-23 by many hands over many cups of tea. Each part holds a story, a special place or a memory. The resulting collaboration is not only a visually warm, curious and engaging work of art, it is a representation of many lives lived and familiar paths trodden over the years in a place shared closely by people who care deeply about integrity and community.

The tapestry itself was never our goal purpose. It came about as a way to share personal stories about our memories and experiences of Twerton. A zone of Bath with a deep and rich geological, cultural and social history, that we think runs much closer to the surface than some of the other more ideological parts of Bath that we share our city with.

The Twerton Tapestry is both a challenge to the power dynamics of mapping and a celebration of communities and the rich social histories that weave it together.

Every part of this tapestry has been created by hand, by visitors to Creative Twerton.

The tapestry is accompanied by an audio tale bringing Twerton residents’ stories and related history to life.

Curated by Kate Bevan