A vision of the future that is non-slick, human centric and gloriously humane in all its messy domestic parts.



Little Lost Robot is a new CIC founded by Artists Ruby Jennings. Coming from contrasting artistic backgrounds their skills are wide ranging – from structural set design to creative coding. They use technology to create a vision of the future that is non-slick, human centric and gloriously humane in all its messy domestic parts.


A piece of work discussing our relationship as individuals with our ideas of the future world and our place in it. Leviathan is a moving, reactive, breathing object created from inorganic materials.

Leviathan challenges our relationship with the unknown and tendency to create monsters mirroring our own fears. Any technology sufficiently complex and disruptive to our social norms has lead to us to create those same robotic monsters of the unknown. While there is much to be concerned about in Robotics and its effects on society, understanding, ownership and transparency are they way to begin the debate and see the monster for what it is and our relationship with it. Robotics is a highly technical and academic field, heavily rooted in car automation and high cost, dangerous machines. Leviathan brings the mechanics of the robot but makes them soft and tangible. The expression of the human in puppetry, challenging our relationship with something that is both machine yet animal, industrial yet social. The alchemy of computing in responsiveness and behaviour and the history of our relationship with our planet and its animals through the reclaimed, recycled materials it is constructed from.

Playble Spaces

We live in a time of an increasingly uncertain environment. Our public spaces need to adapt to this whilst also staying public owned, inclusive and welcoming. We are exploring the way automation can aid this by using soft robotics to create malleable and versatile street furniture. Using organic design as a basis to create benches that can give shade, fold and unfold, collect rainwater and host vertical gardens, providing a home for O2 producing plant life.

Pioneering structures powered by soft actuators, but consisting of strong wooden or metal substrate. This allows the best of both worlds as it combines the safety and human focused elements of soft robotics with strength and durability. Soft robotics is ideal for this because it is tough, safe for public use, hard to break, malleable, cheap, easy to construct, low power and easy to run off a 12volt system, so can be solar powered.

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