About Us

We make immersive, digital, 3D art with recycled materials. We blend our respective creative passions to create the Little Lost Robot aesthetic which is all about accessible art. Our art discusses our otherness. Or more accurately our commonality and what we share from being divided by the same systems that overlook our strengths and individuality. 

We are a collective of creative professionals that nurtures and celebrates our teams’ representation of neurodiversity, Gypsy Roma Traveller identity, LGBTIQA+, ethnic and socioeconomic backgrounds.

We are most fascinated by exploring mental wellness, inclusion and co-design. We believe that anything is possible when you are supported to do what you love and have time and space to try out new things, to be able to fail safely and keep on trying, learning and adapting without fear of judgement. 

We have learned that succeeding in a creative career takes knowing more and doing much more on top of crafting your creative practice. Funding and business management skills are also absolutely essential.

We support artists with developing targeted skills and knowledge in a kind and accessible way. We aim to help artists make the professional leap they need and deserve, when the time is right. We do this by sharing our years of expertise navigating arts funding and learning accessible business management and accommodating neurodiversity, mental health and chronic illness. Our model for equality is supporting access to what you need in the ways that you need it.

Who are we?

Ruby Sant
Juliet Webb
Kate McGregor Michael
Creative Producer Scarlett Mosnier
Creative Producer Scarlett Mosnier
Vocal Artist & Composer Aish Ali
Vocal Artist & Composer
Aish Ali
Creative Technologist Dave Webb
Creative Technologist
Dave Webb
Fabricator Felix Rowberry
Felix Rowberry
Tom Cherry profile
Tom Cherry
Design & Marketing
Jaida Salmon