Make a Space


Design and make your dream venue! Free short course in practical design and making. 

Learn and practise scenic design and construction for outdoor live arts events, including rigging, lighting and outdoor electronics.

This intensive short course is for people aged 19+ years who do not already have a GCSE at grade C or equivalent in maths.

Ideal for anyone interested in working with practical skills at outdoor events, music festivals, arts events or theatre and design as well as making physical art. 

Running over 2-3 weeks in January / February 2024. Exact times will be programmed to best suit the needs of successful applicants.
Interviews in November / December 2023 online or in person.

We are holding low pressure interviews to recruit for this course, simply to learn if this course is right for you and how we can best support our successful applicants. 

Learning will be delivered in practical, creative ways from Little Lost Robot Studio’s professional artists and producers. Taking place at Old Printworks Arts – this is a brand new arts venue by Little Lost Robot Studio – opening soon in central Radstock.

Learners will emerge with an understanding of designing, budgeting, building and developing venues for the outdoor arts and events industries, as well as a portfolio of work and an overview of the Functional maths curriculum. 

Expected outcomes could be

Accessing a College or University course that requires a grade C or over in GSCE Maths

Developing the practical skills needed to work in Arts and Event Production

Routes into Festival Work and Micro Venue Production or access to Event Production Roles and Courses

Art, Design and Making Skills for Outdoor Live Art and Event Production

This course is for

Budding artists, interior or venue designers, festival enthusiasts. Especially people who want to learn a basic overview of site carpentry, welding, lighting, electronics and rigging.

People who want to feel confident with Maths but do not learn well in a normal classroom, including neurodivergent creatives.

People who wish to move on to set design and build, site carpentry, theatre production, sculpture or fine art courses, but are not yet confident to do so. 

Includes; Access to our maker space, all necessary materials are provided, access to one-to-one support for creative people, support to apply to festivals to create venues. Free lunch!

Applicants must be aged over 19+ years and do not have a Grade C or above in Maths GSCE or equivalent qualification.

This course is open to residents within the West of England Combined Authority, outlined in the map below.

Complete the following details to register your interest in this short course and consent to be contacted with further information

This course is available to residents within the West of England Combined Authority.
Interviews are low pressure and to find out if this course is suited to you and in what ways we can support you if you are successful
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